Sabtu, 23 November 2013

Don Lego - You Lirik dan Chord

Song/lyrics by Iyai
Arr. by Don Lego

Intro :  Eb - - - Bb A Ab G
Cm Fm G

Cm              Fm       G
I know you never know
Cm              Fm             G
If I have a wrote the words
Cm                      Fm  G
Everytime in the silent
Cm                     Fm    G
Nearly always in my dream
Cm                      Fm         G              Cm
You bring me to highest sky to the silent night

(Interlude piano)
Cm                      Fm G
Oh girl you're the one
Cm                          Fm  G
Still make me understand
Cm                 Fm       G                Cm
Put my trust in your hand that I love you (2x)

(Interlude saxophone)
D#m           A#
I'm really a fallen
D#m                             A#
Please take me in your heart
D#m               A#                        D#m
and then open your eyes that I love you (2x)

(Back to intro)

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